MONSTA X Fans Call Out Starship For Using Them While Deleting Wonho From Their Official Website

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MONSTA X Fans are not pleased with Starship newest move!

MONSTA X Wonho has been now officially removed from Starship official website as well as the group website. The profile pictures of MONSTA X were changed to incorporate only the 6 remaining members as well as their individual profiles; Wonho is nowhere to be found.

MONSTA X fans had hope and this was one of their biggest sources of hope, they had hoped Wonho would be back to the group judging from the way Starship has been dealing with fans’ requests. Thus, many fans are calling out Starship for giving them fake hope while taking down Wonho’s photos from the website, a part of the fandom is now losing hope, while others vow to continue to fight to bring Wonho back.

However, Wonho still remains in their official fancafe. Wonho’s contract was terminated by Starship a while ago, he announced his departure from the group after his past debt and alleged marijuana controversy came to light.

Monbebes have been fighting for Wonho since the news broke two weeks ago, they have continuously trended hashtags demanding his return to the group.

What do you think of Starship actions?

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  1. I think they didn’t remove him until promotions were done, and we get that, but, being in the public eye, and being somewhat dependant of fans, and taking on count the situation, trending hashtags and petions, the protest in general, Starship should have shared a few words to the public, they owe it to the fandom, but, we don’t know how public relations work in Korea, seems that they choose to do everything silently and not listening to the fans of the group. Ever. And give zero explanations and just give in to a few words of a silly girl with money.

  2. Obviously STARSHIPent had used fans during the promotion. It was clear from the beginning when they standed off Wonho and didn’t delete his profile. They didn’t say anything specific about this case let fans stay in their dreams and false hopes. So i understand its just business and all stuff BUT fans are customers and clients. They are the reason STRASHIPent and MONSTA X exist because they pay. So why dont STARSHIPent do what its main wage-earner wants? MX was supposed to become popular around the world. They even are more famous abroad but STARSHIPent just ignores fans’s actions and theit voices. They will never follow the next band STARSHIPent is going to create.
    STARSHIPent should at least respect fans and give them proper answer that their deserve.

  3. That’s some BS of StarShip to do that is just not fair that the damn company hasn’t done ANYTHING to resolve this case and we all know that that was so unfair and it makes me angry that I love the guys so much and that the place that they call home hasn’t done SHIT about it

  4. Starship needs to get with the current times. This is complete ridiculousness. Starship obviously doesn’t care about their artists nor their fans. They are being narrow minded and one sided. Monbebes want Wonhoe reinstated and starship should do as their fans want. After all the fans are the ones buying the concert tickets and CDs and merchandise. If Starship keeps up as they are now, fans just might boycott them all together. If that happens, hows Starship gonna make their money then?

    1. But even if they would put wonho back in the group.. Monsta X would have a hard time and I bet Wonho just wants the boys to live their dream without any problems which would be caused if he would be put back into the group. I get it, we’re all sad and we want our kind Wonho back but we also have to think about the consequences that could follow if Wonho “rejoins” the group.

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