MONSTA X Comeback Pushed Back By Two Weeks Due To Shownu’s Back Injury

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Fans will have to wait a bit longer for MONSTA X’s comeback!

Originally, MONSTA X was supposed to comeback on May 11 but on May 4, Starship Entertainment released an official statement to the group’s twitter account announcing that the group is not coming back on the intended day and comeback has been delayed, here is their statement:

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We are truly sorry to make a sudden announcement that there will be a delay in the release of MONSTA X’s mini album “FANTASIA X.”

Recently, member Shownu experienced back pain while practicing the choreography for the upcoming comeback. He was immediately transferred to the hospital for a medical examination. Based on the result of the examination, Shownu was diagnosed to avoid any extreme exercise, excessive movement, and to get injection treatment along with physiotherapy for a quick recovery.

Currently, Shownu is being treated regularly for recover and his condition has improved evidently. However, it was decided that the original comeback schedule could affect the state of his recovery. To get an accurate judgment, Shownu got a medical examination and received a response that he would need more time for recovery.

As we put priorities on the artist’s condition, we have finally decided to postpone the release date of the “FANTASIA X” album in consideration of Shownu’s condition and further activities in the future.

MONSTA X’s upcoming new album “FANTASIA X,” which was originally scheduled to be released on May 11 will be postponed to May 26, 2020. Further notice regarding any content release will be re-announced once it gets organized.

Once again, we would like to give sincere apologies and ask for a kind understanding from the fans who have been waiting for the comeback of MONSTA X.”

Wishing Shownu a speedy recovery!

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