MOMOLAND’s Reaction When Jimin’s Voice Cracked At 2018 MGA Performance Draws Mixed Responses

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There has been a war going on for the past couple of hours on twitter and Facebook, army are extremely disappointed and furious after seeing MOMOLAND laughing and whispering during BTS’s performance, the infamous performance where Jimin’s voice cracked because of the wrong sound mixing as it was previously revealed.

The reaction camera caught fans’ attention and it unleashed something that was very scary, suddenly some army began attacking MOMOLAND calling them extremely disrespectful towards Jimin and BTS during their performance.

In one angle of the shared fan cam you can see the girls enjoying BTS’s performance and then they suddenly start laughing and whisper between each other, they stop then concentrated on the performance again.

Some army leaving comments like,

“I  wasn’t the one to ever dislike groups no matter how disrespectful some of their fans are. I only argue with fans. But they are the first group on my  dislike list.”

“Doubt they’ll win anything this year at any big award show soo..”

“I lost my respect for Momoland, actually I never had any to begin with.”

The issue made by a certain twitter account blew up, the fan cam has been up for about 4 days since the awards show and everyone was reacting positively to it then suddenly one clip of the video spreads and it paints MOMOLAND in a bad light.

However, to all army, if you watch the full reaction video and from any angle, you will realize the girls weren’t being disrespectful.

We also don’t know the circumstances and why the girls were smiling and some laughing. Assuming they were making fun of the mistake BTS suffered during the awards show is a bit too much.

Now, other fandoms are also picking at army for overreacting and overly criticizing MOMOLAND’s smile. One wrote,

“What’s funny about the Momoland/BTS situation is that I had that reaction to Jimins high note too. For some reason, some armys think it’s wrong to criticize your favs vocals. Twice are my favorite group but even I can see their flaws sometimes.”

Some others shared more angles of the video and noticed how happily MOMOLAND members were dancing to BTS’s during their songs; it shows a very different narrative.

Check out the full reaction video below:

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What do you personally think of this?

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  1. I can see where ARMY’s say that MOMOLAND was disrespectful I kinda agree because after Jimin messed up with high note, Jin came on. After that, it was Taehyung, and they were just acting normal. Then Jimin came on again and they started laughing and whispering. So it also makes me kinda mad

  2. Ok first I’m disappointed in all army who overreacted and I am one I see that they were most likely commenting how good they are. Momoland is an amazing group and would never laugh or make fun of bts I’m pretty ssure bts know that thats why you need to look at all angles and add it up before you talk. I apologize for all overreactinf amrys behavior for momoland and love both momoland and bts

  3. Any singer can have a bad night. Jimin is human, and at this stage in his and the other members life, they’re bound to be the target of hateful comments or reaction from peers in the industry and then some. People expect these guys to be perfect, given their overwhelming and rapid popularity. We don’t know the reason for any of the ladies smile and small talk…we dont, so I’d ask Army’s to be more mature about this situation. It is not the end of the world, I’m sure Jimin is doing whatever he can to be a better singer and manage his voice. Let’s all remember, Jimin didn’t receive any formal training like Jungkook, Jin and V…he had to do it alone…how difficult. So if Army’s want to be upset, redirect it toward PD Bang, who as the head of BigHit, should settle the guys schedule down and help Joking overcome any vocal issues. This is the only way, no one could make any pointed comments.

  4. I am a fan of BTS and I feel like reasons like this MOMOLAND is not really going to be as popular as Blackpink or Twice and I really hope that they be a little more attentive to their actions.

  5. I don’t see them laughing at BTS tho. I mean if they did not react, people will say controversy. All I saw was them even giving to the song. I don’t know but it’s between them and their conscience. If they laughed, it doesn’t change the fact that BTS is legendary and also humans. I rest my case

  6. They literally just look like they’re enjoying the performance and fangirling. You can tell they admire BTS and enjoy their performances just by the way they watch them. I don’t understand why some people make everything into World War III. It’s not that deep.

  7. I’m an ARMY and I loved BTS’s performance even if Jimin’s voice cracked. That being said if you guys look at the video carefully and also other videos of idols reacting to this performance you will see that they are all reacting to the dozens of BACKUP DANCERS that came on stage at that moment not Jimin’s voice. Get a grip guys and stop needlessly attacking anyone that doesn’t think like you. MOMOLAND is an amazing group and shouldn’t be harassed because of this.

  8. Some Army needs to calm down and stop being so overly protective of the guys. The reason why they r so protective is if Jimin cracked, he knows it and he already felt bad. He does not need anyone pointing out he messed up. He is very hard on himself when that happens. Just keep loving him and support him and the guys. We love them. If Momoland laughted or made fun of him then just wait for one of them to crack or be off key. No one is perfect. They have a long way to go to be of BTS status anyway.

  9. I feel like what momoland did was wrong. Im sure if someone from momoland voice cracked they wouldn’t want others to laugh, giggle,or whisper about it. I personally think its rude and disrespectful. I hope our jimin is ok because its really taking a toll on him. Army help me support jimin post the videos and link to this article on social media. I will do the same after school is over i just finished my test early got a 100% but anyways. Momoland that was not nice or profesional your adults please try to act like one(no disrespect) and mary go round please don’t come for me i’m just supporting bts and spreading my thoughts. Im sure you as mary go rounds wouldn’t like if momoland messed up a note and bts or ex or any other group laughing and giggling and whispering just try to understand from army point of view.

  10. I love BTS and Momoland. To see Momoland laughing I have two thoughts one is that they disrespectfully laughed at jimins voice cracking. It was very rude but still Army’s shouldn’t be turning to hate. Another thought us that they were just enjoying the show I know Momoland would never do that but sometimes things can look another way. We don’t really know what they were talking about so it’s hard to know. But we all love BTS andbtgey wouldn’t want Army’s hating on momoland. Let’s just continue loving and treating each group with love and respect

  11. I am a Veteran not only on Army but in kpop I have supported BTS since the really beginning and I know what most K-pop fandoms or unexperienced ARMY’s, etc. Might think of this situation, things like we are exagerating, we are so mean, and childish, and many more but like I said I am a veteran and I know the guys pretty well, Jimin has a problem with his self steem he doesn’t appreciate himself as much as he needs so it is really hard for him failing or not doing something as “perfect” as he wants so stuff like this can damage him a lot, and don’t forget that momoland has a list of things that are really bad, so they aren’t as innocent mybe that is the reason why army behave like that

  12. Tbh, I didn’t even really notice Jimin’s voice crack. I think I heard i, but I wouldn’t make a big deal about it to laugh. Hell, I barely noticed that. I’ll tell you one thing though. Watching this made my heart stop. I’m such a proud ARMY that I could just die!

  13. I know that people are saying Armys are overreacting but Momoland can’t just disrespect other groups. They all have to respect each other they like it or not and Momoland didn’t bow down if you’ve seen how they walk past BTS and Blackpink. Indeed Momoland has to be more respectful to others or they won’t get anywhere. And other fandoms shouldn’t be telling Armys off it is really rude. Armys want for their idols to be respected. Nobody has disrespected Momoland so Momoland shouldn’t be disrespectful to anybody. Let’s all just try to calm down and Armys I understand but let’s not get into any bad things. Let’s try to make peace with other fandoms so that there aren’t anymore problems and let’s all respect each other and support each other.

  14. Really??? Honestly I am reading these comments right now and I still don’t see what the issue is here. Like honestly maybe MOMOLAND just laughed at the wrong time. Maybe they found something funny about BTS, maybe an inside joke of some sort. I have seen enough MOMOLAND videos to say that they would never laugh at Jimin having a voice crack. Like seriously, why would this be such an issue. Everyone in the comments are like MOMOLAND BETTER FFING APOLOGIZE…. I am so confused. I have been an ARMY for a long time but because of reasons like this I hate the fandom. These specific ARMY’s try so hard and if one person says that they don’t like BTS, they will explode on you and scream and curse and hope you die. The fandom gets so trashy sometimes. Like why is this even an issue… To assume that MOMOLAND was laughing about Jimin’s voice crack is TOO MUCH. The video to see their reaction is deleted but i still probably wouldn’t thing it was a big deal. Most idols laugh their voice cracks off anyway so I don’t know why this is an issue. Jimin is a good person and I know that he is constantly hard on himself. MOMOLAND was just acting like a normal idol who maybe understands the pain of having voice cracks mid performance. TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO INTENSELY HATE MOMOLAND BECAUSE OF THIS AND CLAIM THAT THEY WON’T BE AS GOOD AS BLACKPINK AND TWICE : FIGHT ME!, MOMOLAND DEBUTED A LONG TIME AGO AND I AM SO HAPPY THAT BBOOM BBOOM CAME OUT TO THE WORLD AND FINALLY PUT THEM IN THE SPOTLIGHT. To those of you who think I am being stupid, well then, I don’t know what to say. I am an avid viewer of many kpop groups including both BTS and MOMOLAND. Let’s be honest here though, there are way more BTS videos online than MOMOLAND so if you think I am biased towards MOMOLAND, I don’t give a shit.

  15. This wasn’t da 1st time for Jimin hd Cracking Voice Syndrome(CVS). He also ruined ‘Fake Love & Aeroplane2’ with his CVS during BTS performance in Da Ellen Show. Then, he ruined ‘Spring Day’ with his CVS during Da Lotte Family Concert. Ensued as during rendition of ‘Da Truth Untold’ in all da LYS World Concert started frm Seoul Olimpic Stadium rite up to Paris.
    Luckly, da performance by Jungkook & Charlie saved da reputation of BTS during MGA awards nite. This is what I suggested earlier that just drop Jimin before music lovers debunk BTS. He can be replaced by one of da would-to-be disbanded Wanna One(WO) vocalists. Where else, Jimin to be sent for a vocal management coaching

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