MOMOLAND Agency Infuriates Fans For Celebrating The Group Third Anniversary Excluding Daisy And Taeha

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MOMOLAND has celebrated its third anniversary!

MOMOLAND has turned three years old; the nine talented girls debuted on this day back in 2016. As you’d expect fans had been anticipating MOMOLAND agency celebratory posts, however, when they saw them they were furious.

MLD Entertainment posted a message to celebrate MOMOLAND’s 3rdanniversary on Twitter. They posted a photo with only seven members and captioned,

“Congratulations, MOMOLAND 3rd ANNIVERSARY. MOMOLAND turns three today! Thank you to our fans for supporting us for the past three years. We hope that we can stay together forever!”

The celebration photo only included seven members minus Daisy and Taeha. Both have been inactive since March 2019. Fans had been demanding a response from the agency about the girls’ whereabouts. The agency never gave a proper statement about why Daisy and Taeha had been taking a hiatus.

In response to the tweet, fans pointed out that the photo is wrong and it should be celebrated differently with all nine members. Many fans called the agency disrespectful for posting a photo with two missing members.

Recently, Daisy’s mother posted alarming posts to social media that got fans worried about Daisy’s condition. Read about here. Fans wonder why hasn’t Daisy and Taeha explained the reason for their hiatus.

Here are some of fans’ reactions:

What do you guys think of this?

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