Mnet Unveils The Expert Masters Lineup Of “Boys Planet”: Lee Seok Hoon, Solji, Lim Han Byul And Rapper pH-1 To Join

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The strongest expert masters lineup of Mnet’s “Boys Planet” has been unveiled.

South Korea’s leading vocalists Lee Seok Hoon, Solji, Lim Han Byul, and rapper pH-1, who have been recognized for their ability as mentors and trainers in a number of audition programs, have joined as expert masters of “Boys Planet.”

First of all, Lee Seok Hoon, who worked as a vocal trainer in Mnet’s “Produce 101” season 2, will become a vocal master for the trainees of “Boys Planet.” When someone needs advice, he will be affectionate and will perform a ‘cider effect’ that gives accurate and sober advice.

Solji and Lim Han Byul also joined as vocal masters. Solji, who has served as a vocal director in MBC’s audition program “Under Nineteen,” will encourage the trainees with her unique warm personality, but gives customized advice to bring out the best abilities of the trainees with strong charisma when working on her main job. Following Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999,”

Lim Han Byul will again meet trainees as a vocal master in “Boys Planet.” Since he has shown the best chemistry with the trainees through his affection for them, he is responsible for the growth and improvement of the trainees again this time.

As a rap master, popular rapper pH-1, who led the participants as a mentor at Mnet’s “High School Rapper 4,” will come out. pH-1, who is a trendsetter and has an attractive sensuous rapping style, is also fluent in English, so he will closely communicate with global trainees and supports them to bloom their capabilities and potential.

As a result, all expert masters of the first idol-making project “Boys Planet,” which opens the door to 2023, have been unveiled. With Lee Seok Hoon, Solji, Lim Han Byul, and pH-1, as well as dance masters LipJ, Baek Gu Young, and Choi Young Joon, they lead the birth of the all-time boy group by taking on endless challenges toward the boys’ dreams.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “Boys Planet” will premiere at 8 p.m. on February 2.

Are you excited for “Boys Planet”?

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