Mnet “I-LAND” Debut Group Name Has Finally Been Revealed, What Does It Mean?

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Mnet’s final episode of “I-LAND” has aired today on Friday, the 18th of September.

The finale of the popular survival show has gained attention and a hashtag to discuss the show is trending at no. 1 on twitter as of this writing.

Many fans are curious about what the group name will be and many are not sure if they like the name after it has been revealed.

The name will be ENHYPEN. Producer Bang Si Hyuk commented,

“When I first heard the name, I thought it matched well with their identities and their roles.”

RM said he liked the name and opened up about BTS having to hide their group name for a long time,

“In our case, we have a painful memory that we couldn’t tell the group name to anybody except for our family and friends for 3 years [before debut], but ENHYPEN is such a pretty name, we are supporting them.”

According to the show itself, the origin of ENHYPEN centers around the ideas of how the members discovered each other, grew together and transcended each other’s limits to form a united whole.

It is based on the word “hyphen”. A hyphen is a punctuation symbol (represented as “-“) used to connect two words together, here are some examples: “half-baked”, “mother-in-law” and more.

However, some fans are surprised by the name and some don’t understand what it means.

The new seven members’ boy group will be determined in the “I-LAND” live finale.

What do you think of the name?

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