Fans Furious Upon Learning That Mnet Edited Out Jinni’s Shot From Performance At The 2022 MAMA Awards

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While Jinni left the group NMIXX, broadcasters also began erasing her traces.

On December 15th, a number of posts were posted on various online communities saying that the NMIXX part and the Jinni one-shot were edited in MAMA Awards 2022.

At the 2022 MAMA Awards, which aired on the 29th of November, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, IVE, and Kep1er collaborated for a performance.

Each girl group divided their members to cover the highlights of the group’s debut song. Jinni participated in NMIXX’s ‘OO’, and after the song was over, Jinni’s one-shot was captured.

However, after Jinni left, a clip was posted titled ‘[#2022MAMA] THE TOP 10 MOST-VIEWED STAGES’ posted by Mnet’s YouTube on December 12th, replaced the original shot for Jinni with a full shot of the audience.

On the other hand, right before TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up’ stage, the ‘Sha Sha Sha’ part was posted with only the NMIXX’s part completely edited.

However, the beginning of ‘Erase Jinni’ was not a broadcasting station, but the agency JYP Entertainment. On December 14th, many fans witnessed JYP Entertainment delete Jinni-related posts in real-time from NMIXX’s official SNS account.

Earlier on December 9th, JYP Entertainment announced, “Jinni, who has been with Enmix for a while, is leaving the group and terminating her exclusive contract due to personal reasons. We apologize for causing concern to many fans with the sudden news.”


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