Mnet Denies Feud Rumors With Starship Entertainment After WJSN Appearance On Its Music Show Is Suddenly Canceled

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Mnet has issued a response after fans starting discussing a possible discord between them and Starship Entertainment.

The rumors began on March 30, after WJSN announced their plans to perform on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on April 1. However, the post was deleted later and “M Countdown” also removed the original clip that shows the upcoming episode featuring them, they replaced it with another one that didn’t have them in the lineup.

Fans started speculating that there is discord between Mnet and Starship Entertainment, some even saying it has to do with MONSTA X rejecting the offer to appear on “Kingdom” and this is why none of the label’s artists have promoted on the music show lately. This theory grew even more popular as fans recalled Jeong Sewoon and CRAVITY also not promoting on “M Countdown” with their recent comebacks despite promoting on all the other music shows.

On March 31, Mnet responded to the rumors, Mnet stated they discussed the appearance of WJSN on the show but their reps wanted them to perform two songs, and since “Kingdom” will air this week, the running time for “M Countdown” was cut shorter and due to the time limitation, they couldn’t accept the reps request, they added,

“Thus, WJSN’s reps stated that they would not appear on the show, this is why their appearance was canceled. We are not in a feud or anything with Starship.”

However, Mnet didn’t address why Jeong Sewoon and CRAVITY didn’t appear on their music show as well.

Meanwhile, WJSN made their comeback with “UNNATURAL” on March 31.

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