Mnet Blurs Out EXO Lay’s Face From His Group MV, Fans Demand An Apology

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Mnet has managed to infuriate EXO-Ls with their recent editing choice and its very puzzling to say the least.

On the most recent episode of Mnet TMI News, a recent clip showing EXO’s hit track “Growl” made its way to twitter causing a lot of backlash for Mnet.

The video in question shows a part of the legendary video but the faces of the Chinese members have been blurred out, Lay’s face was also blurred out for some reason despite the fact that he’s still a part of EXO. The channel’s decision to blur out former EXO members faces was puzzling to say the least.

After fans saw the clip, they reacted with anger and began trending two hashtags demanding an apology from Mnet. #MnetApologizeToYixing and #LAY_IS_EXO topped worldwide trends on twitter.

Fans thought Mnet was being disrespectful blurring out Lay’s face from his group MV. They pulled out a lot of instances where Lay expressed his undying love for his members despite being unable to participate in group activities.

Here are some of fans’ reactions below:

What do you think of this? Do you think Mnet should issue an apology?

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