Miyawaki Sakura Writes This To Fans After It Was Confirmed She’s Joining Source Music Upcoming Girl Group

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Miyawaki Sakura has recently joined Source Music, which is a part of the HYBE Labels and the idol has updated her Instagram with a sweet message to fans.

After the news was made public, Miyawaki Sakura took to Instagram, she says she wanted to deliver the news directly to her fans who have always given her lots of love, she added,

“I’m sure you’ve been curious because I haven’t been on social media or had any visible activities since last summer.
I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, and thank you very much for waiting for me. I’ve been watching the fans who always send me lots of love and support.
I was lonely during the period when I couldn’t meet you, but every time I saw the support you sent me, I gained strength and cheered up.
And most of all, I’ve waited for the day when I could tell you the news in person.

These days, the weather is getting warmer and the season is changing from winter to spring.
Cherry blossom buds bloom when they feel the warmth of spring while overcoming the winter cold.
It is said that it can only blossom by experiencing the cold winter.
I think this period was like that for me, too….
I’m preparing hard every day in a very good environment thanks to the warm and friendly staff I’ve met. I hope to see you soon and I am working hard to show a better side of me. I ask for your interest and support for my future activities.”

Miyawaki Sakura first debuted in Japan as a member of HKT48 in 2011. Along with Kim Chae Won, the two starred in Mnet’s “Produce 48” in 2018, and subsequently debuted in IZ*ONE. The project group has since disbanded and Miyawaki Sakura also graduated from HKT48 and also parted ways with her Japanese agency.

This follows many reports that alleged the two idols were set to join Source Music upcoming girl group. With the news finally confirmed, fans are excited to see the girls soon.

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