Mina Says She Attempted Suicide After A Conversation With FNC Staff, Calls Out FNC On How They Handled Her Situation

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Former AOA member Mina has posted a graphic worrisome post and it’s deeply concerning.

TW/ self-harm

On August 6 (KST), Mina posted first about missing Sulli, later, she followed it with another post, the post showed her injured wrist that had been stitched recently, in her caption, she attacks FNC Entertainment and says she attempted suicide again after the message they sent her via kakaotalk.

Here is a summary of what she wrote. Mina begins by telling the world that she ‘needs to let this out,’ and says that due to a recent situation that happened with FNC officials, she attempted to end her life again.

According to Koreaboo, she talked about Jimin’s apology as the trigger,  

“The unnie that was said she was apologizing when she came in, was she really apologizing to the person she was supposed to? Don’t tell lies. After sending the apology and checking it, a while later, I saw her eyes looking like that?

If the person that comes to apologize has her eyes that wide open and is looking for a knife, even if I can’t remember the way they spoke, those eyes won’t be forgettable, what kind of apology would I accept there? I gave up on that.”

Luckily, her manager had come and rescued her and they stitched her hands, she cut a lot of nerve lines so she couldn’t get anesthetized and had to be stitched and given pain killers.

Mina says she heard of a rumor going around that Jimin didn’t really leave the industry and will come back once things get quite; she says Jimin still has her instagram and YouTube so she didn’t practically ‘leave’ as previously stated by FNC,

“She said she would stop her entertainment activities but it seems like she will just come back when things quiet down.

I can’t see that happen… I suffered more than that for 11 years. But all over Instagram and YouTube… people ask why are you like this? At least I did not lie to her and she doesn’t know what I’ve been through, I have nothing to hide.”

Mina says FNC provided her with a doctor to help her out and she was starting to wonder if they truly cared about her, however, she believes that the Psychiatrist they provided her shared their private conversations with FNC,

“But isn’t it illegal to talk about your client to your friends and other people? uh, psychiatrists. I think you might have told someone about my issues.

I haven’t discussed any complaints about the trainee’s debt, the details of the contract, and the payment issues. I only spoke about what I was asked to, but that person who asked is speaking out about it on their own.”

She then talks about FNC and Jimin again,

“Whether its FNC or the other unnie. Was it that hard to say a word of sincere apology?

I was originally thoughtless, bright and positive, and I had no depression, took no sleeping pills, and didn’t have social anxiety. I used to sleep 15 hours a day, but now I wake up in an hour.

If you were really worried about me, you could’ve contacted me at least once.”

Mina asks the other trainees at FNC to take care of each other so they don’t end up like her, and pleads with FNC that if someone has decided not to renew because of someone, they should ask why and if there are issues. She added,

“The CEO said ‘you’re not paying for your psychological expenses are you?’ when discussing a contract renewal, and you’re right, you were right, so I paid it all.”

She says she’s happy with her new agency because they see as a person.

At the end of the post, she talks about how there is this one YouTuber who is saying she is ‘an attention seeker’ but in fact if she had wanted it she ‘could’ve died’ because you could die from self-harm, but there were people who wanted to be by her side and came to save her,

“My family is scared now. I’m crying. I was carried away, fainted with blood, my wrists were ruined.

I’m really upset, angry, sleepless, why I’m still hurting? who should I talk to? who should I be compensated for? and I hope there won’t be anyone like me in the future.”

FNC has yet to issue a response to the allegations made against them.


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