Mina Exposes Who In AOA Was A Bystander And Who Tried To Defend Her While She Was Getting Bullied By Jimin

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On August 6, Mina worried fans deeply when she revealed that she recently attempted to end her life after a conversation with FNC staff, she revealed more worrisome details which you can read about from here.

Fans became deeply concerned about her well-being. Her agency later assured fans that she’s doing better after getting discharged from the hospital.

Mina has returned with a second post to explain in more details about when she tried to commit suicide and clarify certain points, she also finally revealed who in AOA stood up for her and who stood by and watched her get bullied by Jimin.

Her statement reads,

“I didn’t attempt suicide right now. It was something I had done around a month ago after talking to an FNC employee. And a lot of people have been asking me through DMs about why I unfollowed all the members, cursing at me, or telling me to explain, and I’ll talk about it because I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve getting cursed at.”

She then goes into details about each AOA member and who stood up for her, she starts with Seolhyun confirming people’s suspicions that she was a bystander, its worthy to note that Jimin and Seolhyun are best friends,

“Best friend Kim (referring to Seolhyun) didn’t bat an eye when Shin (Jimin) unnie spoke ill of her, although she didn’t curse at me or trash talk about me. I’ve always considered Kim a good person, but I wasn’t able to become closer to her because she was Shin unnie’s best friends, however, I also shared sincere words of advice with her and worried about her. That doesn’t change the fact that all the members knew about how hard I was having it because of Shin unnie.”

She then dropped a bombshell that shocked fans revealing what Seolhyun said at the meeting they had on the day she revealed that she was getting bullied by Jimin,

“At the end, Kim (Seolhyun) said to me that it didn’t matter either way, and that she just hated the whole situation. In my perspective, she was another apathetic bystander, and her words disappointed me.”

Regarding Chanmi, she said,

“The other Kim (Chanmi), on the day that everyone came with Jimin to apologize, she asked me ‘did you have any good memories?’ she’s very young so when she nagged I just let her do it. I know she’s young, but I utterly couldn’t understand why she said that. Cursing about that unnie in front of me while trying to get on her good side behind me, and that could be what social life is, but as someone who is not good at social life, she didn’t seem sincere, I couldn’t understand her.”

Regarding Yuna,

“Seo [Yuna] was sincere towards me and cherished me as her dongsang, that much is true, but no one dared stand up for me in front of Jimin unnie.”  

Regarding Hyejeong,

“My friend Shin [Hyejeong], she was the only one who said to Jimin, ‘why don’t you remember, I remember it all?’ she was the one who turned to me and said, ‘If you want to receive an apology, then make sure you get a proper apology.’ But how can I when the person refuses to apologize properly?’

In her closing remarks, she says that especially Seolhyun was an apathetic bystander from her point of view and so was Chanmi so she unfollowed them first, and later in an attempt to erase all the memories from AOA, she unfollowed the rest.


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