Mina Apologizes To Fans For Her Disturbing Posts, Says AOA Jimin Came To Her Home To Personally Apologize, Here Is What Happened

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Is the ordeal over? Seems like it!

In the early hours of July 4, Mina wrote another post to her fans, this time she apologized for worrying them with her disturbing posts and went on to explain that AOA Jimin along with the rest of the group came to her home and that Jimin apologized.

She started off her post with,

“First of all, I’d like to apologize for being unable to control my emotions and for causing trouble for a lot of people, I am sorry….

And I am sure there was a lot of press covering this story… but I know some people might have not wanted to hear such disturbing details. A lot of people came to see me at my place, I am sorry for making everyone worry.

I am a celebrity after all- and some of the things I’ve said shouldn’t have been said or done. I am really sorry.”

She goes to explain that all of AOA members and managers showed up at her place to sit down and talk. Jimin came in angry according to Mina; she says she felt flustered by her attitude,

“I asked her if she came to apologize or to get angry at me. We argued a bit more. Jimin kept asking for a knife saying things like ‘would it be resolved if I disappeared?’ and such. We ended up sitting down and talking.”

Mina says that Jimin continued to claim that she didn’t remember anything; she looked her in the eyes and explained what she did and didn’t do to her,

“It appears that Jimin thought we made up at her father’s funeral. I get it, if she really doesn’t remember what she did to me- but apologized nonetheless. I guess she could have thought that everything was resolved.”

Mina explained that she had gone to the funeral to pay respect and be a source of comfort,

“How does one day resolve 11 years of pain? Plus, we never even discussed what had happened at all…. I can’t fix what’s broken overnight.”

Eventually, Mina says that Jimin began to apologize as she explained to her what had happened and Mina decided to accept the apology and let her leave.

“The other members and I talked a bit more. I promised I would work hard on getting better and I won’t make any bad decisions.”

Mina goes on to explain how she felt about Jimin showing up at her place, she admits that she didn’t think Jimin showed any remorse for her wrongdoings,

“I didn’t think she felt guilty at all. But she kept saying sorry… Yes, I heard her… But hm… I really don’t know how to explain this. Honestly, I didn’t see a person who felt genuinely sorry.

I could be biased because I am so angry at her. I could’ve been trying to see the worst in her. She could’ve meant it, so I don’t want to assume. Anyways, I’d like to wrap up my story.”

Mina wrapped up her post telling fans she plans on getting professional help and will try her best not to cause issues. She also added that she knows she made it difficult to a lot of people today and apologized over and over again.

Her last words in the post read,

“I know I still don’t see Jimin in a good way, even as I am writing this post. I admit it.

I don’t even remember her apologizing; I can only replay her showing up angry at my door. But like I said, I am so angry and I can’t help it. I am broken as can be, so it won’t be a quick recovery, But I’ll try. this is what i agreed on..”

She also says she won’t talk about it again and apologized one last time.


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  1. Mina shouldn’t have to apologize for letting out her feelings. She’s in a dark place and needs a way out, and venting is the only healthy way of doing so. She has a plethora of fans who love and support her, and even though I’m not an AOA fan, I’ve certainly got her back. Jimin only apologized to save face and I won’t believe a single word that comes from her. If Mina hadn’t put it out there, we would’ve lost yet another life in the kpop world. I hope Mina gets the help she deserves and surrounds herself with people who will make her feel like she can be herself.

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