Actors Min Jin Woong And Noh Susanna Belatedly Revealed To Have Broken Up, Played Married Couple After Breakup In “Love Is For Suckers”

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Min Jin Woong and Noh Susanna broke up last fall.

On December 22nd, an official from Min Jin Woong’s agency, Ghost Studio, told Herald POP, “It’s true that they broke up last fall.”

Min Jin Woong and Noh Susanna were seniors and juniors at the Korea National University of Arts, and they admitted to dating in 2017. However, as they broke up in the fall of last year, they went from being lovers to colleagues.

Min Jin Woong and Noh Susanna also worked together as a married couple in the recently ended ENA drama “Love Is For Suckers”.

Meanwhile, Min Jin Woong appeared in the movie “Fashion Show”, dramas “Yong-pal”, “Drinking Alone”, “Memories of the Alhambra”, “Secret Royal Inspector and Joy”, etc., and Noh Susanna appeared in the SBS drama “The First Responders”, which is currently airing.


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