Members Of BTS And BLACKPINK Show Support For Taeyang And Jimin’s New Collaboration “VIBE”

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Members Of BTS And BLACKPINK are as obsessed with “VIBE” as the rest of us!

Taeyang, a member of BIGBANG, has finally returned as a solo artist with the release of his new single “VIBE” featuring Jimin of BTS on January 13 at 2 p.m. KST.

After its release, the song quickly shot to the top of various charts around the world, and hashtags talking about the song are currently trending on Twitter.

Along with its release, various artists have also been listening to the song. Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo of BLACKPINK showed love for the new song supporting their sunbae. Jisoo screenshot the song playing and wrote, “yeorobun~~~ bonjour~~~,” Jennie wrote, “as expected, awesome taeyang oppa” and Rosé wrote, “viiiibeeeee.”

The girls have also left comments on Taeyang’s newest Instagram post about the song.

V, RM, and J-Hope also showed love for the song sharing it on their Instagram stories. V wrote, “wow taeyang hyung and jimin please receive this deep bow ‘with bowing emoji,’ RM wrote, “go get em’ my bros,’ and J-Hope posted three times to his stories, in the 1st he said, ‘iss a vibe,’ in the 2nd and 3rd stories, he shared videos of Jimin and Taeyang and added the crown symbols next to their faces on top.

The song is composed by TEDDY, KUSH, Vince, Taeyang, Jimin, and 24 and the lyrics are written by Taeyang and Vince. It expresses the complex emotions of a relationship.

The music video is available to watch below!

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