MBC Issues An Official Apology After Video Of Staff Pulling LOONA Chuu’s Hair Goes Viral

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Fans were furious last night after they saw a video of a male staff member pulling LOONA Chuu by the hair went viral. Fans trended hashtags demanding a response from MBC and an apology from the man who did this.

Later, the production crew of MBC’s “2020 Idol Star Athletics – New Year Special” issued an apology to fans.

They stated:

“We sincerely apologize to LOONA’s Chuu, other related personnel, and fans. The staff member in question is heavily reflecting and regretting his actions and has since sincerely apologized to LOONA’s Chuu.”

They also apologized for causing discomfort to many people due to the production crew’s carelessness and promised to be more careful in preventing such issues from happening in the future.

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They also addressed the post that was published on the show’s viewer bulletin board, the post was a simple apology to LOONA Chuu but the phrasing and language used didn’t seem professional, some fans believed this to be the real apology which infuriated them even more. MBC explained that the post was uploaded by an anonymous user ‘imposter,’ not a staff member; the post has since been deleted.

What do you think of MBC’s response?

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