Man Who Falsely Accused Park Ji Hoon Of Being A High School Bully Turned Out To Be A 28 Year Old Man, Netizens Shocked

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The identity of the person who falsely accused Park Ji Hoon of being a high school bully was revealed and its shocking netizens!

Recently, lawyer Ko Seung Woo from Gangnam LLC shared the story of the lawsuit against the person who accused Park Ji Hoon of school bullying on his blog. Fans were shocked to read the content.

He introduced the case from 2017 and revealed that one netizen was so spiteful and hateful that he would be ‘spitting his screen’ whenever Park Ji Hoon appeared on it, he quoted that the man wanted to ‘punish Ji Hoon.’ The netizen claimed that Park Ji Hoon bullied him through middle school years. The reality was, the man who wrote the post was completely unrelated to Park Ji Hoon.

Added to that, the accuser turned out to be a 28 years old man who said he fabricated the entire story ‘just for fun.’ Yes, you heard that right, the fabricated story was done for ‘fun.’ The netizen is not only an ordinary office worker but someone who doesn’t even interact with the idol or has even lived in the vicinity of his place. He doesn’t even know him or have even directly met him or been around him.

At the time the case was filed, Park Ji Hoon was 18 years old.

Fans are extremely shocked to learn that such people exist and how much they can ruin lives and claim such outrageous things just to hurt idols.

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