MAMAMOO’s Wheein Sustains Eye Injury Due To Fireworks During Recent Performance, Agency Issues Update On Her Condition

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MAMAMOO’s Wheein has recently been hurt during a performance at a festival.

On September 24, MAMAMOO performed at the Incheon Airport Sky Festival. During the group’s performance, the fireworks went off at the end of one of the songs. Wheein stood next to the fireworks when they went off and it appears some residual dust got into her eyes.

Fans noticed that Wheein kept touching her eyes and looked to be in pain. She tried to carry on with the next performance but ended up leaving the stage due to the worsening pain.

Later, Wheein’s agency THE L1VE issued a statement to update fans on her condition. She had visited the hospital after sustaining the injury and she received a diagnosis of a cornea wound from a foreign body.

The agency says she’s resting and has been prescribed the appropriate medication.

Wishing Wheein a quick recovery!

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