MAMAMOO Solar Shamed For Wearing A See-Through Skirt

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MAMAMOO Solar is being criticized for her outfit choice!

Solar is currently preparing for her first solo album; Solar has been releasing many video and photo teasers ahead of the upcoming release. She recently gained attention for posing with a bald head for one of the teaser photos.

Last night, Solar dropped more teasers and one of them became a hot topic for netizens, and led to some slut shaming Solar because of her outfit choice.

In the photo, Solar can be seen wearing a plastic skirt and bra covered with stickers, the skirt is see-through. The photo shocked many netizens who proceeded to call her out for ‘overly’ exposing her body. Some others pointed out that it’s too child-like because of the stickers used.

Her fans have been defending her on articles and online communities that discussed the photo, fans are complaining about how MAMAMOO are always the subject of shaming and terrible comments because of their fashion choices, many pointed out that Solar has the right to wear whatever she wants without being bombarded with such terrible comments.

Here are some of their comments on an article covering the backlash she’s been receiving for this:

How is it child-like? It’s a bit colorful that’s all… is not like she has a bottle in her mouth!

I wonder what they would’ve said if Hwasa had worn it, I expect you all to use the same judgment standard.

did you wear a plastic umbrella?

where did the controversy arouse? is it noise marketing?

I’ll admit the picture took me by surprise

This one is all over the place and a bit of overkill

“Spit It Out” will be released on April 23 at 6 p.m. KST.

What do you think of this controversy?

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