The Two Kpop Idols Whose Friendly Photos Led To Misunderstandings, They Explain They’re Actually Related Not Dating

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These two rising Kpop idols have been rumored to be dating because of a couple of selfies they took with each other, but when fans found out the their connection, they were shocked.

Lucy’s Cho Wonsang and Weeekly’s Jihan recently became a hot topic after Cho Wonsang shared a couple of selfies with her. In the selfies, they looked close and friendly, in the photo, he captioned, ‘you are my one and only younger sister.’

In another post Cho Wonsang and Jihan are standing in front of a car, Cho Wonsang says the couple who took photos of them mistook them for lovers, he says, ‘when she took the photos, she laughed commenting on how similar we look to each other, we’re siblings, lololol.’

Cho Wonsang and Jihan are indeed related, they’re cousins.

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