Lovelyz Members To Reportedly Reunite On A Naver Now’s Show To Celebrate 8th Anniversary

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The group Lovelyz reportedly will reunite in one place to mark the 8th anniversary of their debut.

According to a report by SPOTV News on November 10, Lovelyz will appear on Naver Now’s “Music to You” on November 17 to meet fans.

Lovelyz will celebrate their 8th anniversary on November 12. Celebrating the meaningful 8th anniversary of their debut, Lovelyz members will gather in one place for the first time in a long time to talk about various things, which is expected to be well received by global fans.

In particular, Yoon Sang is a producer who colored Lovelyz in the early days of their debut, with songs such as “Ah-Choo” and “Candy Jelly Love.” Lovelyz members will celebrate the 8th anniversary at “Music to You” hosted by Yoon Sang, who boasts a special relationship, drawing more attention to their strong friendship.

Lee Su Jeong, Yoo Jiae, Lee Mijoo, Jin, Ryu Sujeong, and Jung Yein have confirmed their appearances in “Music to You.” Seo Jisoo and Kei have a schedule that has been decided a long time ago, so they are coordinating their schedules but are most likely to be absent from the celebration.

Lovelyz is performing splendid activities as actors, singers, and musical actors on their respective paths. Ryu Sujeng released her new single “Confession” on the 8th anniversary of their debut, and Lee Mijoo is active in various programs such as “Battle Trip 2” and more.

Kei has established herself as a musical actor by appearing in musicals “Excalibur” and “Death Note,” and Lee Su Jeong released her solo album “My Name” in April this year, and has recently been active as a guest on a radio program.

Seo Jisoo has recently been cast in the new wavve drama “Seasons Of Blossom” and challenges a drastic transformation as a villain, while Yoo Jiae will meet the audience with the movie “Office Cooking.” Jin recently drew attention by releasing her new song written by Ryu Sujeong. Jung Yein appeared in Shaun’s song “Road” music video and drew attention for her delicate first love performance.

Are you excited for them together?

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