Lovelyz Jin Deletes Video Sharing Insight Into How Kpop Idols Date + Issues Apology

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Jin, a member of the group Lovelyz, got into a controversy by honestly revealing the behind-the-scenes story of idol relationships but has since received so much backlash she was forced to delete the video and apologize.

Jin recently held a Q&A session to communicate with her subscribers and released a video answering idol love-related questions.

The video caught attention under the title of ‘Q&A of Idol Life, I wonder if I can open everything like this.’ “There are most dating questions,” said Jin in the video. “I think I would be most curious about dating, too,” she said honestly.

Jin explained, “No matter how busy and difficult it is, the idols who date secretly are good at it. After debuting and accumulating a certain amount of years, the company doesn’t stop them too much. It’s to the extent that they say, ‘Do well on your own so you don’t get caught’.” 

However, when she was a trainee, there was bound to be interference from her agency ahead of her debut preparations. She also recalled, “I also saw a friend get cut off when she was a trainee.”

Also, referring to music broadcasts, “There are many cases where we meet eyes while waiting. More often than not, we are in contact with other singers while promoting on music broadcasts. The world of idols is really narrow, so if you cross a bridge, you know everyone. There are many cases where I like someone and ask my acquaintance to introduce them to me,” she said honestly. 

“Here, I put ‘ISAC’ and describe it as “a place indispensable for idol love.” Jin revealed, “Even if I don’t have to say it, it’s already known that it’s an idol meeting place, but that’s right. We exchange glances and send notes with numbers.” 

Jin’s candid response drew enthusiastic responses from netizens, but some netizens reacted with displeasure. Concerns were raised that Jin’s remarks could cause misunderstanding or be viewed with a distorted perspective. 

In response, Jin apologized, saying, “Since the purpose of the video was to clear people’s curiosity, I thought I answered well by keeping my own line. I really didn’t think it would cause such misunderstanding and controversy. I didn’t think much.” 

In addition, she repeatedly apologized, saying, “I think it was definitely wrong to create room for misinterpretation, whether intentionally or not. I’m really sorry for causing controversy. I’ll delete the video. I’m sorry again.” 

The controversial video has been deleted from Jin’s personal YouTube channel. However, the video of the shorts remains, and the interest of netizens continues.  

Meanwhile, Jin first debuted as a solo singer in 2013 and debuted as the main vocalist of Lovelyz the following year. Born in June 1996, she is currently 26 years old.


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