LOONA’s Heejin Denies Dating D1CE’s Woo Jin Young, Here Is How The Ridiculous Rumors Began

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LOONA’s Heejin and D1CE’s Woo Jin Young are not dating!

On December 29, a rep from LOONA’s agency quickly stepped up to deny the dating rumors between Heejin and D1CE’s Woo Jin Young.

But how did such rumors began?

On the evening of December 28, Heejin went on V Live to interact with fans. During the broadcast, she attempted to show fans something on her iPad, she accidentally scrolled to another unrelated photo and fans caught a glimpse of what they alleged to be a blonde-haired individual.

Fans went on to claim that her iPad password was 970531, which happens to be Woo Jin Young’s birthday. As a result, fans began to connect Heejin to Woo Jin Young and speculate whether they’re dating.

The rumors became a trending topic as some fans recalled the two have competed on MIXNINE.

However, LOONA’s agency put the ridiculous rumors to rest, they stated the rumors were completely fake and the two idols don’t even share a personal connection, added to that, the photo Heejin accidentally shown was of her cousin.

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