Amid Rumors Of Members Filing For Injunction, Blockbery Creative Shocks By Announcing LOONA’s Comeback

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Blockbery Creative has confirmed the reports of LOONA’s comeback!

On December 7, one news outlet reported the group will be making their first 11-member comeback on January 11. This will be the 1st comeback after Chuu’s removal.

In response to the report, the agency confirmed the news and said the timing of the comeback has not been decided yet, adding they will reveal the schedule once everything has been set. The comeback news has not been met with positive reactions due to the recent situation with the group.

Previously, it was rumored that 9 of the remaining 11 members have filed for their contracts to be terminated, however, Blockberry Creative sternly denied the rumors.

Blockberry Creative had released a shocking statement confirming Chuu has been kicked out from LOONA after they alleged she was rude to a staff member. Chuu came out with a statement denying she’s done anything wrong.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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