KDrama “Little Women” Shocking Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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tvN’s hit drama “Little Women” came to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its ending!

“Little Women” episode 12 recap

Why was Jin Hwa-Young alive? Didn’t she die?

Turns out, Jin Hwa-Young was living using Oh In Joo’s name in Singapore thinking that nothing was going wrong, she didn’t believe Oh In Joo would risk her life to find out why she died.

It turns out that the woman who died was another one. A woman she met on a site while contemplating suicide a year ago, the two girls got matching tattoos at the same location, cut their hair the same length, and had similar bodies. When Won Sang-A killed her, she actually had killed another person. It was caught on tape and shown to the courts when Jin Hwa-Young testified.

Jin Hwa-Young found out about the lengths Oh In Joo took when she read a newspaper about her appearing at that auction. She also saw someone resembling her and knew it was Won Sang a. She tried to warn Oh In Joo in Singapore when she came and stop her. She also got into a car accident while she followed Oh In Joo making sure she didn’t die. She got hit by the truck and remained in the hospital until a couple of days ago when she was able to travel and come reveal this information at court.

What happens to Oh In-Hye and Park Hyo-Rin?

The two girls remain overseas, studying and traveling around. They do not return. It is unknown if they’re aware of what happened.

Did Won Sang-A get arrested for the murders she committed?

No, she did not. She never faced the consequences of her actions properly.

Did Won Sang-A die?

Yes, Won Sang-A died at the end of “Little Women” last episode due to her own actions.

At the end of the episode, Won Sang-A is going down after reality comes closing in on her, and its revealed that she killed a different woman who isn’t Jin Hwa-Young. Instead of stopping, she decides to kill a bit more. She kills Jang Sa-Pyeong and kidnaps Jin Hwa-Young, she puts her in that damp room with the orchids.

She knows Oh In Joo is leaving that day [to get the little girls] but she texts her about what she’s going to do. She also kidnaps Oh In-Kyung.

Oh In-Joo comes running to save Jin Hwa-Young holding a bomb in her hands given to her by Choi Do Il’s dad.

She threatens to use it but Won Sang-A says she has filled the room’s sprinklers with hydrochloride acid that burns flesh, it goes off and begins to burn Jin Hwa-Young’s skin. Won Sang-A watches from far away laughing.

Oh In-Joo puts the bomb in the pipes but fails to stop it, instead, she uses the pipe cover as a shield as she rescues Jin Hwa-Young. Choi Do Il shows up to save them and takes away Jin Hwa-Young.

Won Sang-A grabs Oh In-Joo by her hair and they fight but she fights her off and she falls into the pool to her death while she was also burning from the acid.

Did Go Su-Im get arrested for her horrible actions?

It is unknown but the case was eventually exposed and let wide open, its presumed she also was arrested or died at the hands of Choi Do Il.

When Choi Do-Il came to save Oh In-Joo, he got into a fight with her and was stabbed, he stabbed her back in her chest and fought her off.

Did Oh In-Joo and Choi Do-Il end up dating?

No, sadly, they did not. After the entire ordeal was over, Oh In-Joo comes to the airport to see him off.. He’s going to Greece to stay there. He doesn’t want to do that job anymore. However, Choi Do-Il turns back as he’s about to leave and says, ‘see you soon.’

What happens to Choi Do-Il?

Choi Do-Il leaves overseas but it turns out he went to find Oh In-Hye and Park Hyo-Rin. The foreign account that had the 70 billion won was registered under Park Hyo-Rin’s name. He convinces her to split the money and store it for the sisters. She withdrew it on her 18th birthday.

Everybody got 10 billion won with the exception of Oh In-Jo who gets around 30 billion won.

Does Choi Do-Il like Oh In-Joo?

Yes, he does. When he fought off Go Su-Im, she shouted out loud that he loves her which is why he’s doing this, he answered, “you shouldn’t have done this if you thought I loved her.”

Did Oh In-Kyung and Ha Jong-Ho end up together?

Yes, Oh In-Kyung and Ha Jong-Ho end up dating. Oh In-Kyung gets offered a job as a reporter but declines. She wants to join Ha Jong-Ho who will leave for the U.S. next month. She wants to go with him and study as well. They end up kissing and she admits she likes him.

How and why was Jeongran Society established?

Jang Sa-Pyeong had instructed one of his students to give the memoir to Oh In-Kyung. When Oh In-Kyung receives it, she reads out what happened and ends up exposing the story to the press.

It turns out that the Jeongran Society was established by the people who destroyed a spy camp the CIA had set up in North Vietnam and killed all the remaining agents. However, they had no way to return home, after wandering in the jungle for a week, they realized the operation only ends when they die. They learned the CIA had trained tropes in Laos and Thailand into spies and used them to dispose of them in the end.

The Korean government had also received about a million dollars as compensation. They realized they were basically sold and betrayed. In the jungle, they went on trees to escape leeches and realized they were as good as dead now.

However, suddenly, as they sat on those trees they noticed that there was a blue orchid that made them feel that way. They took it home with them.

After that, the Jeongran Society was established. The blue orchid symbolized their crooked desires, resentment, and ideology.

What happens to Oh In-Joo?

After everything dies down and Jin Hwa-Young ends up serving a prison sentence for her crimes in money laundering. She receives a package that tells her she has an apartment in her name. Turns out, her great-aunt had purchased that for her and put it in her name.

She decides to take out a loan of 600 million won, send In Kyung to study overseas, and pay it back. She refuses to sell that apartment to pay the tax she incurred because of it.

How does the kdrama “Little Women” end?

“Little Women” ends with In Hye speaking in voiceover about how she will return to her sisters when she feels that she can ‘put on a new face,’ she’ll return to them. In Kyung is busy running on the street when she gets a notification that says she’s been given 10 billion won to her account. She’s shocked.

In Joo is taking the bus when she receives a notification from her bank that she has been wired 30 billion won [around $23 million dollars]. She’s stunned.

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  1. Impressed. You need to be very good in physics to figure out that if you drop the grenade in the sewage pit, the explosion will tear up the lid – exactly the result you were aiming for.

  2. I had commented before that the series had a great cast but it was really disappointed the way they decided to portray everyone including the sisters and the parents. The ridiculously plot and also the mislead information about the Vietnam war that was horrible, when their own history gets affected they make sure that doesn’t happen. They should have known better but overall I hated it I have watch kdramas for over 15 years, I was so disappointed that they show make them unlikable I’m just happy this is over

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