Kdrama “Little Women” Episode 10 Shocking Finale Recap, The Death Of Uhm Ki Joon’s Character Shakes Everything

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The hit kdrama “Little Women” 10th episode has become a popular topic among fans as the discussion around it is still going, lets talk about why that happened.

“Little Women” episode 10 recap

“Little Women” episode 10 begins with a bang. Park Jae-Sang comes into contact with Won Sang-Woo, and the gun which he was supposed to fight with gets taken from him. Eventually, Won Sang-Woo is murdered by Park Jae-Sang.

Oh In-Joo comes for her sister and asks In Hye where she is, luckily, she can tell she wouldn’t have run away without her. They look for her and find her in a hidden place. They escape with both young girls.

Oh In-Kyung is still searching for a broadcasting station that will accept to report on the upcoming mayor of Seoul getting rejected. Oh In-Joo visits Won Sang-A to let her know that her daughter and Oh In-Hye have ran away and will live separately for now. Won Sang-A calls for a truce and warns Oh In-Joo about Choi Do-Il again.

Meanwhile, Choi Do-Il is assisting his father who hands him a note of all of his guns in case something happens to him, he refuses to take it.

Choi Do-Il is summoned by Park Jae-Sang who tells him his mother attempted suicide and is in need of surgery because of her cancer too. He offers him to betray the team and leave with his mother alone. He agrees to it and gets to action.

He makes Oh In-Joo sign a document that grants him the right to manage their money. He tells on his father and his weapons get removed. He also has a bomb fit to his truck that he drives to a location where Oh In-Joo is meeting someone they know. It explodes and he catches fire. Meanwhile, Choi Do-Il can’t be reached.

At the hospital, Oh In-Joo is a mess but Choi Do-Il shows up for her and explains this was all a part of his plan. Oh In-Kyung goes with Choi Do-Il’s mother to a broadcasting station to reveal the truth. They reveal the person who had killed a compensation committee’s chairman, she reveals through DNA results, its Park Jae-Sang’s father.


Oh In-Kyung faces against Park Jae-Sang outside the broadcasting station, he is pissed and tries to expose her for self-admitting herself into a mental hospital. After an exchange of words, they part.

Meanwhile, as Choi Do-Il and Oh In-Joo escape, police come in and search the father under possession of having illegal firearm. He is arrested.

Despite what they expected, the results are not good. Park Jae-Sang continues to gain popularity. He gives a speech at a stand as Choi Do-Il and Oh In-Joo wait with a surprise.

They air the footage of him killing Won Sang-Woo. Won Sang-Woo had recorded this and sent it to Oh In-Kyung thinking its the only they could stop him, if they showed the real him. They show him killing him on screen in front of everyone. He denies at first but then escapes.

However, not everyone believes the video and it doesn’t hurt his ratings a lot. The results of the exit poll rule in his favor too.

“Little Women” episode 10 finale- ending scene

On the next day, Oh In-Kyung appears at the broadcasting station with more information to reveal about him. However, while they were reporting, she is stunned to learn that Park Jae-Sang has died, he committed suicide.

A video of him jumping from a building is shown.

Won Sang-A appears to check his body and confirm his identity at the morgue. He’s holding that rose in his left hand. Won Sang-A calls Oh In-Joo and tells her she should have stopped when she warned her. Now, she tells her to look forward to what will happen.

Oh In-Joo has the inclination to look at her bank account which has the money and finds out its now gone. Choi Do-Il is no longer answering her calls.

“Little Women” episode 10 reactions

Netizens were stunned following the 10th episode. Many would not believe that one of the main characters has died with two more episodes to go. Many reactions about the drama now range from shock to disbelief.

“Little Women” will air its finale this coming weekend.

Did “Little Women” episode 10 shock you?

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