Lee Sun Bin In Talks For Lead Role In New Spin-off Of “Backstreet Rookie”

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Actress Lee Sun Bin has been offered the main lead role in the drama “Super Couple” (tentative title).

According to YTN star coverage, Lee Sun Bin was recently offered the role of the main character in the drama “Super Couple.” Lee Sun Bin’s agency Initial Entertainment also said, “We received the offer for the lead role and are reviewing it positively.”

“Super Couple” depicts the story of what happens when a former NIS secret agent who lost his lover while protecting the country reunites with his ex-chaebol heir lover at a convenience store. Writer Son Geun Joo, who wrote the SBS drama “Backstreet Rookie,” will participate as a creator, and director Jeong Yong Ki, who directed the films “Marrying the Mafia 3” and “Marrying the Mafia 5,” will be directing the work.

Previously, writer Son Geun Joo shown a 24-hour unpredictable comic romance between a store owner and a four-dimensional part-timer on the stage of a convenience store through “Backstreet Rookie” and “Super Couple” is expected to show a brutal side on top of an affectionate and sweet story by adding action elements over romance and comedy.

Lee Sun Bin will play the role of Min Sa Rang, the female lead. Min Sa Rang, a former legendary NIS black agent, is now a salary manager at a convenience store, and coincidentally reunited with his ex-lover and head of the convenience store headquarters, Cha Joo Hyun, who then starts extraordinary cooperation to protect the convenience store.

In the meantime, Lee Sun Bin has built up a solid filmography by playing various characters through the dramas such as “Criminal Minds,” “Sketch,” and “Work Later, Drink Now.” In particular, she has also shown action acting through the movies such as “Rampant,” “Ok! Madam,” and “Mission: Possible,” and expectations are high for the acting transformation to be shown in this work.

Meanwhile, “Super Couple” is in the midst of casting major roles and is scheduled to begin filming this year.

Are you excited to see her in this drama?

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