Lee Jin Hyuk Under Fire For Alleged Rude Behavior Towards Red Velvet Wendy During Radio Appearance

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Lee Jin Hyuk is under fire after videos of the recent interview he’s had with Red Velvet Wendy went viral all over social media.

Recently, Lee Jin Hyuk made an appearance on Red Velvet Wendy’s radio show. However, his behavior and actions during the show bothered many fans who were watching. Lee Jin Hyuk repeatedly joked about how Wendy’s eyes looked sleepy during the show, he said, ‘noona, when I look at the camera, your eyes look like they’re gone.’

Wendy told him her eyes were swollen today which is why it might appear that way. Despite that, Lee Jin Hyuk kept joking about her eyelids during the show many times. Many also complained that he kept interrupting Wendy while she was speaking many times. At one time, he said, ‘Noona, don’t lose your focus, your eyes look so sleepy.’

What most fans were upset at was him snapping his fingers at Wendy during the show. When Wendy was talking about how he’s welcome to the show any time, he interrupted her, snapped his fingers at her and said, ‘noona, your eyes are losing focus.’ Wendy tried to brush off his comments and laugh it off multiple times but he didn’t stop discussing her eyes for some reason.

While some fans have come to his defense saying he’s joking around with her and they seem to be close, many took issue with his behavior towards his sunbae in the industry. Junior kpop idols are expected to be very respectful towards their sunbaes and snapping fingers at them is considered very rude.

Clips of Lee Jin Hyuk’s actions towards Wendy have gone viral on social media racking up hundreds of thousands of views. Many are demanding an apology from the idol.


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