Lee Hyori Is Shutting Down Her Instagram Account, Here Is Why + Her Final Post

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Lee Hyori will no longer use social media[instagram].

On September 2, Lee Hyori shared a post on instagram to explain the reason why she plans on shutting down her account, she said,

“Hello, everyone. Over the next few days, I plan to stop using instagram… it wasn’t because of anything that happened recently… (Although, it’s not like it didn’t have an effect).

This was a space for me to communicate with my fans who wanted to hear more from due to my lack of activities. But now, I keep stressing about it and it’s not easy.

I will try to come up with a different method to communicate my fans. Thank you for cheering me on even when though I am lacking in many ways. Also, thank you to the people who spoke bitter words towards me.

Let’s keep social distancing in our homes during difficult times. I love you, thank you.”

On September 3, she posted a photo of herself with the caption, ‘one last selfie.’

Fans are upset to see Lee Hyori go. She originally opened an instagram account in December of 2016 to communicate with her fans.

Lee Hyori is currently preparing for her debut with the new project group Refund Expedition.

Are you sad to say goodbye to Lee Hyori’s instagram account?

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