Lee Chae Yeon’s Upcoming Debut Album Art Accused Of Plagiarizing SHINee Key’s “Gasoline”+ Agency Addresses The Controversy

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Singer Lee Chae Yeon, a former member of  IZ*ONE’s agency addressed the controversy over a dispute online that the design of her first solo album “HUSH RUSH” was similar to that of SHINee Key’s album “Gasoline.”

On October 8, Lee Chae Yeon’s agency WM Entertainment said that Lee Chae Yeon’s “Hush Rush” is an album with a clear image and an independent narrative that the album wants to convey and asked fans to look forward to her album.

 The following is the full statement of WM Entertainment:

“Hush Rush” is an album that compares the excitement of a vampire’s first-world outing to Lee Chae Yeon’s new start. The music video shooting was also planned with the same concept. In addition, the album package consists of two versions of vampires and influencers by designing a transparent bag with objects in the album package, imagining that ‘MZ generation vampires’ carry it. The concept of ‘MZ Generation Vampire’ was made with the keyword ‘Outside of the World of Vampires Awakened in Goseong for the first time in 300 years’ and the meaning of ‘Lee Chae Yeon’s solo debut. The images of eyes and lightning used in the album drew elements used as objects to express the concept of ‘vampire’, and the use of point colors was also used according to the concept of the album as a tone commonly used in horror or Halloween mood design. The design font and heart design were paid fonts and images that fit the concept of the album. We are sorry for causing concern to the fans who waited for and supported Lee Chae Yeon’s debut for a long time. It is an album prepared for a long time and presented. We ask for your warm attention for Lee Chae Yeon and her first mini-album ‘Hush Rush’.”

Earlier, shortly after the release of some posters of Lee Chae Yeon’s “Hush Rush,” it was pointed out online that the design was similar to SHINee Key’s “Gasoline” album design.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae Yeon will release “Hush Rush” on October 12.

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