LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam To Go On Hiatus To “Heal,” Group To Promote As Five For The Time Being

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LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam will be going on a hiatus after the bullying rumors escalated following the alleged victim’s new statement.

On May 20, Source Music released a detailed statement of her account of the events for the leaked document. This is a direct response to the alleged victim of the idol’s bullying statement which was conveyed through her law firm last night.

If you want to read the entire statement, here is the link.

At the end of the detailed statement, HYBE announces Kim Garam is taking some time off to heal, they said,

“Kim Ga Ram has been a victim of cyberbullying and school violence ever since the results of the school violence committee in the first grade of middle school were reached, but she has been steadily working for her dreams and future since then.

Then, during this debut process, she was attacked with all kinds of rumors and had a hard time psychologically. Therefore, after discussing with Kim Garam, we have decided to halt her activities for a while as she focuses on healing her wounded heart. Until Kim Garam returns after recovery, LE SSERAFIM plans to promote as five members for the time being.”

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Do you think Kim Garam should be taking time off? What are your thoughts on HYBE’s response?

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