LE SSERAFIM Shares Thoughts On Preparing For New Album “ANTIFRAGILE,” Album Theme And More At The Press Conference

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LE SSERAFIM members have expressed their feelings on the preparation of the new mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” at the press conference held to commemorate the release of the album.

On October 17, at a showcase to commemorate the release of the second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” held at Yonsei University’s Centennial Memorial Hall in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, at 1 p.m., LE SSERAFIM expressed their feelings about their comeback.

First of all, Heo Yun Jin said,

“It’s my first comeback so I prepared hard. I felt more burdened than I did when I debuted, but I prepared that hard. I will show you a free and relaxed appearance on stage.”

Kim Chae Won expressed,

“We were greatly loved for our debut song. I wanted to show you a performance that would surpass the performance of our debut song. We’ve prepared hard, so I ask for a lot of love and interest.”

Sakura said,

“We’re making a comeback in five months. When I was preparing for our debut, I was burdened and nervous, but I was very excited while preparing for this album. I want to show you the performance as soon as possible.”

Hong Eun Chae shared,

“I wanted to show you the performance as soon as possible. It’s so nice to have a chance to meet our fans again. When I was preparing for our debut album, I thought about whether people would like us and who would listen to our music. We were able to prepare better because there were fans who are waiting for us. I wanted to show a performance that exceeds our debut song, so I paid attention to details when recording and practicing dance.”

LE SSERAFIM took their first step in the music industry after releasing their debut album “FEARLESS” in May. Their second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” (anti-fragile), which they will release five months after their debut, surpassed 600,000 pre-orders as of 14 October, easily surpassing 380,000 copies of their previous work. If “FEARLESS” showed its willingness to move forward without fear and without being swayed by the eyes of the world, the new album “ANTIFRAGILE” talks about the trials faced after starting a journey that no one has ever been on, following the “desire to be the best.”

Sakura confessed,

“There was so much going on until the five of us debuted as LE SSERAFIM. Kim Chae Won and I felt pressured by our re-debut, and Heo Yun Jin was on the verge of giving up her dream of becoming an idol. Kazuha made a big decision after quitting ballet for 15 years.”

Hong Eun Chae recalled,

“I think I had a lot of difficulties since I joined the group after all the other members.”

Kazuha confessed about facing difficulties, she said,

“I had to overcome a lot before my debut, but I knew I had a lot to do after my debut as well. In particular, I had to learn Korean, so everything was unfamiliar and hard,”

Regarding her participation in the song, Sakura said,

“It’s a song about accepting one’s imperfect self as part of oneself, and I really sympathized with the theme. There are times when the situation is bad and there are times when you’re disappointed in yourself, but I liked the mindset of loving yourself in every moment. It was difficult since I had to sing both Korean and English at the same time, but I received the help of the translator. I was happy that my lyrics were accepted.”

Heo Yun Jin said,

“All the songs in the album are really our stories. So I was more ambitious to work on it. We tried to tell our story honestly so that listeners could sympathize with it.”

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