LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans Named In NPR Music’s Best Songs Of 2022 List

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LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans are truly the 4th generation biggest groups to date.

On December 15, 2022 (local time), the American public radio broadcaster NPR Music released its “Best Songs of 2022” list, which included the names of two 4th generation K-pop girl groups, LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans.

According to the list, LE SSERAFIM’s mini album title track “ANTIFRAGILE” ranked 50th, while NewJeans’ debut song “Hype Boy” ranked 85th. These are the only K-pop artists to make the list. NPR Music praised LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE” as “virtually the only song that reflects the ability of K-pop to capture a global sound and transform it into something fantastically new and unique.” It added, “Rising girl group LE SSERAFIM mixed K-pop’s explosive style and ‘Motown’ style of reggae-ton with a future-oriented hit song that American stars should be afraid of.”

Regarding NewJeans’ “Hype Boy,” NPR Music said, “NewJeans made a surprise debut with the Y2K R&B style song ‘Attention’, and the next day released ‘Hype Boy’, revealing their overall vision. They are more than just nostalgia seekers. ‘Hype Boy’ is a song that incorporates the sound of the 1990s and 2000s, as well as the unique color of NewJeans. It’s a song that leaves a strong impression with a catchy hook and addictive melody.”

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