LABOUM’s Leader Yujeong Departs The Group, Why?

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LABOUM’s Leader Yujeong has departed her group.

On September 7, LABOUM’s Yujeong shared the news personally via a handwritten letter she uploaded to Instagram. In her letter, she wrote,

“Hello, I’m LABOUM’s leader, Yoojung.

I wrote this because I had news to deliver to the fans who have been supporting us, I held up a pen because I wanted to let you know first through my writing, not through an article.

First of all, I really couldn’t believe that you loved our Laboum’s song “Journey to Atlantis” recently, a song that it 5 years old, and I really want to say thank you.
It felt even more like a dream because the contract period was coming to an end.

Fast forward to August 28, our 7-year-long exclusive contract has come to an end. I have been discussing with the label since this past March.

At the end of the discussion, we’ve mutually decided to part ways. The rest of the members have renewed their contract with the label and will carry on with their activities as LABOUM.”

Yujeong also expressed her gratitude to Soyeon, ZN, Haein, and Solbin for standing by the team for 7 years. She ended her letter by thanking the fans who have always supported them.

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