Kyulkyung Strangely Attacked With Racist Comments For Getting Sued By Pledis For Breach Of Contract

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Former PRISTIN member Kyulkyung has been strangely receiving hateful racist comments in relation to new reports about her.

On March 25, Pledis Entertainment released an official statement through their legal representative to announce that they had filed a lawsuit against former PRISTIN member Kyulkyung for a breach of contract.

The lengthy statement went into details about what had happened and why Kyulkyung is getting sued. A lawsuit against her was filed to the Seoul Central District Court to confirm the validity of her exclusive contract.

According to the statement, Kyulkyung signed a contract with Pledi in 2015. Pledis and her Chinese management company XCSS Entertainment have managed her activities in the Chinese entertainment industry. Pledis explains that they provided the necessary environment for Kyulkyung to break through the Chinese market and become a household name.

However, since September 2019, Kyulkyung sent what Pledis Lawyer calls ‘a baseless notice’ to terminate her contract via email and mail. She’s been avoiding any communication since that time.

Since then, Kyulkyung has continued to appear on dramas, variety shows, and advertisements in China promoting actively whilst violating their exclusive contract. Pledis explain they had no choice but to take strict legal action against her to confirm the validity of her contract. She’s also being sued by her Chinese management company XCSS Entertainment in China; they plan to demand compensation for the damages.

Pledis iterates that they’ve done all that they can to ensure Kyulkyung was supported and promoted properly in China. However, they state that they will continue to work hard to restore their trust with Kyulkyung and reach an amicable agreement.

K-netizens haven’t been reacting in support of Kyulkyung who posted a statement to her Weibo to explain her side of the story, according to her statement, she ran into ‘serious problems in the course of the merger,’ following deliberations regarding her career direction, she wrote a resolution to Pledis and the Chinese management company through her lawyer on September 20, 2019 to terminate her contract.

Kyulkyung says she doesn’t want to argue anymore about who’s right or wrong, but will work hard to improve herself and show better work from now on ending her statement with,

“I don’t want to abandon the people who love and trust me.”

 K-netizens reacted negatively to the news and surprisingly left racist comments on articles covering this story, here are some of their comments,

This is why she’s Chinese.

As expected from a Chinese member, backstabbing already

Then why do companies continue to take in Chinese members? they all do the same, once they’ve made enough money, they terminate their contact on their own terms.

Please stop using Japanese or Chinese members in kpop groups… we’re always getting backstabbed by them

not surprised

All Chinese are the same…

Masters of backstabbing.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

This is very weird…. I don’t understand why it took them so long to file a lawsuit…. So she stopped communicating in September of 2019 and almost 6 months later, she’s getting sued…. Why did it take so long for a statement from their side to come out?

Also, I highly doubt they would let go of that Chinese money. She’s a star in her country and they naturally wouldn’t want to let her go. As to k-netizens questioning why kpop companies keep having trainees from these countries, its pretty obvious, its to help penetrate the market.

Japan is the second biggest music market following the US and the Chinese market is very lucrative. It makes perfect sense to see kpop companies do their best to secure a spot there in these markets and having idols from those countries helps a lot.    

Legally speaking, I don’t think she’s in a good position and it definitely doesn’t help that she’s getting sued by the Chinese company as well.

I remember the EXO lawsuits, those contracts are always favoring the companies and it’s going to be extremely hard to get out of them.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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