“KTH1 IS COMING,” Fans React To BTS V’s Recent Remarks On His Upcoming Mixtape

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BTS V says his mixtape is coming very soon!

V has been teasing fans and speaking about his solo mixtape for a while now, he’s been working hard on it and even shared spoilers with fans on a broadcast previously. He had even previously spoiled that his mixtape has a total of 13 tracks.

Despite speaking about it many times, fans are yet to be blessed with it. V has continuously assured fans he’s working hard on it but likely due to the group’s extremely busy schedule and many other factors unknown to us, he hasn’t been able to release it yet.

Recently, a fan asked V about the mixtape on Weverse, and his answer has delighted fans. The fan asked, Taehyung, when does your mixtape come out?’ to which V responded, ‘planning on releasing it this year.’

After fans saw his comments, many began discussing it, the phrase ‘KTH1 IS COMING SOON’ began trending on Twitter.

Are you excited for KTH1?

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