KQ Entertainment Gives Update On Lawsuit Against Sasaeng Who Attached Tracking Device To ATEEZ’s Vehicle

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KQ Entertainment has issued a new statement updating fans about the legal action they have been taking against sasaengs who invaded their artists’ privacy.

Previously, an ATEEZ sasaeng [obsessive-so-called-fan] was revealed to have attached a location tracking device to the group’s work vehicle. They have illegally collected information about their location. Due to this, the agency got in contact with the police station and tracked down the culprit. KQ promised there will be no leniency or negotiation regarding the punishment.

On August 26, KQ Entertainment shared a statement stating the defendant has asked for leniency but they have not agreed or settled. As a result, the defendant has been found guilty under the Protection and Use of the Location Information Act. Added to that, KQ will be additionally filing a civil lawsuit against the person for other offenses.

They asked netizens to refrain from tracking down the members’ activities illegally and thanked those who have shown support for the group.

Fans are happy with the verdict and with the agency for protecting their artists from the invasive and illegal actions of these obsessed so-called fans.

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