Kpop Idol Reveals Shooting Took Place At Her High School, Assures Fans She’s Ok

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Former PRISTIN member Kyla has had a terrifying experience to deal with today!

On November 14 (local time), a shooting took place at a high school in Santa Clarita, California. It happened to be the same high school Former PRISTIN member Kyla was attending.

The police reports there are at least five victims in the shooting, there is also said to be students in critical condition. The suspect is also reportedly in police custody.

Kyla assured fans she was doing okay, she tweeted,

“My school had a school shooter today. The one thing I was most afraid of when I went back to public school happened. I am okay and all of my friends are safe. My heart goes out to all of the injured students. I pray that they are safe.”

Fans are glad she’s okay and send their prayers to the affected by the tragedy. The news of the shooting have been trending on twitter as various American news outlets covered the tragedy as it unfolded.

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Our prayers goes out to those affected.

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