Kpop Idol Part Of A Trio Group Arrested Along With 3rd Generation Chaebols For Allegedly Smoking Weed

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A large number of third-generation conglomerates, including an idol from a trio group, the grandson of the founder of Namyang dairy products and Hyosung group, have been caught taking drugs habitually.

Ahn, an American national was arrested and indicted, after being caught buying and smoking marijuana from March to October this year, as well as growing it in a family living with minor children. Ahn is known to be a celebrity and a part of a 3-member vocal trio.

The Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office announced on December 2nd that a total of 9 people including Hong (40) were put on a trial for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Jomo(39), a third-generation member of the Beom Hyosung family, who was indicted without detention on the same day after being charged for smoking and buying marijuana four times from January to November this year, was also put on a trial.

Prosecutors believe that most of them smoked marijuana for the first time while studying abroad and continued to smoke for several years after returning home.


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