Kpop Idol Leaves Alarming Note On His Instagram Account, Fans Worried About His Wellbeing

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Kpop fans were on high alert following former 14U member Hyunwoong alarming social media post!

On November 2, former 14U member Hyunwoong posted an alarming photo to his Instagram, he posted a screenshot of a note that reads, ‘ I want to die.’ He had also deleted all of his previous Instagram posts. After fans found out about the post many were extremely worried about his wellbeing.

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Various social media accounts both Korean and international shared the post and many provided guides for international fans on how to send positive encouraging messages in Korean, some were also prepared to call authorities and alert them just in case.

Later the same day, Hyunwoong deleted that post and posted another photo, this time he thanked fans and apologized for worrying them,

“I’m so sorry for worrying you.

To be honest, I feel empty in my heart and that is so large every night, I think its grown a lot and gotten worse than I realized.

Reading each of your comments has been a great source of strength for me, and it made me realize that I really shouldn’t have had thoughts like this.

I won’t worry you again. I’ll show you a smiling Kim Hyun Woong. I’m so, so sorry for worrying you, and I’m so sorry to my family, friends, fellow members, and fans.”

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Fans were glad to read his message and happy that disaster was averted, many are advocating for better treatment of idols and for people to stop harassing them online.

In related news, 14U disbanded back in May earlier this year, the agency stated that it was based on mutual agreement.

What do you think of this?

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  1. This sounds like he’s just promising not to let anyone know he’s struggling. Not that he will seek help. Korea needs to change this way of thinking. He needs help.

    1. Totally agree, seem like a cover up we all will know if something happens in the future to come.. they will then call it a suicide and blame it on depression. I hope not but I’ve seen it multiple in foreign and American headline, just so over it they treat our famous ppl like shit and force them to do God know’s what then we the becomes unhinged there all shocked!! Like really

  2. I hope he isn’t just an attention seeker. Cause if he is and netizen found out, there is a chance people will less likely to responds positively when a real one happens to someone else.

    1. I’m actually MORE concerned now. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to get help. It sounds like he’s apologizing for showing his feelings,a nd promises to only show us smiles.. But that sounds more like masking emotions than him actually getting better.

    1. Usually when someone has a “Big hole” in the heart, it doesn’t just go away over night . He is crying for help and I think we should do something. Although he does reassure his fans that “He’s better” He’s not. The more He will try to hide his emotions,the bigger that hole gets.
      Please help him.
      I’m speaking from experience
      Concerned fan from Namibia

  3. I hope he gets help and Korea and the internet allows him to get help,,,I don’t think he’s in a very good spot despite what he tried to reassure. He probably regret the post but the thought is still there, hopefully his friends and family are making sure he stays healthy and he tries out therapy :((.

  4. His message feels like he is going to mask his feelings and suffer alone. This bothers me even more because when he said “I want to die,” it felt like a cry for help but this feels like he is not gonna look for help.

  5. Feeling like he’s masking his emotions it’s more concerning for me because I’ve been through that state and if you have then you know that it sounds like a cover up so his fans could be happy or ok.

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