Kpop Female Idol Attacked By Netizens After Coming Out As Bisexual

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As previously reported, idol Som Hye In came out to her fans on her instagram account. While I did report the news a couple of days ago, it was only picked up by Korean media a day ago and the reactions are not that great.

She came out by answering fans questions and also showed a photo of her girlfriend, initially, international fans supported her but once the news reached South Korea, it was a whole different story.

Some of the comments on Korean articles were,

“Being gay is abnormal.”

“A school bully.”

“Why should you be proud of that?”

“Lesbian and a school bully? gross… I hope she goes to hell.”

“Since when were same-sex relationships something to support? The world is going crazy.”

“Is this something to support? I feel dizzy here.”

“A school bully and bisexual, should we support this?”

In case you’re wondering about the ‘school bully’ parts, that’s because she made headlines after a school friend accused her of bullying. She later came out with a statement to clarify that she didn’t bully her but was a bystander to the bullying that happened to her (while also being bullied by the same person). She also added that she said things she shouldn’t have said and hurt the person who was being bullied.

Bullying is taken seriously in South Korea and if a celebrity is surrounded by bullying rumors, true or not, it can ruin their reputation.

After the news became viral and she topped real-time search words and articles about her trended everywhere in South Korea, she returned with a detailed statement on her decision to come out and what she’ll do with the hate she’s been getting.

She says that she is in a loving relationship and since its not wrong, she came out as bisexual. She adds that she didn’t do it to stand out as many netizens have been claiming, many commented things to the effect of ‘she’s doing it to be famous/ gain attention.’

She also said that she doesn’t want to force anyone to like that or like and notice her,

“I didn’t know I would receive this much attention, I just didn’t want to hide that I was dating in and love like everybody else.”

She ended her statement with,

“I don’t want my people to get hurt, its my duty to protect them. I will take legal action to protect them. Please stop.”

As you’d expect, the hate didn’t stop after she released this statement, many K-netizens continue to bash her for being a school bully and some bash her for being bisexual.

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. Every person has their own decision in life and netizens don’t have the right to bash her with hatred. She is unique, open and that’s her decision to life! It is something to support, cuz if you’re not supporting its understandable that u live in a prejudiced situation. All those pathetic people who think being bisexual is a crime…. just ignore all these news. Or you may be the one whose gonna get bashed. Also, being gay is pretty normal. Its a persons instinct of choosing the gender of the life partner. No one is to be blamed.

  2. I support her all the way, and she shouldn’t get hate for that because we are all human, she didn’t choose to be that way it is just the way she is it isn’t her fault at all I am so happy that she is in a loving relationship.

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