Korean VIPs Bombarded Taeyang With Messages Asking Him To Leave BIGBANG

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BIGBANG has been through a lot throughout their long careers. All of the members have been embroiled in serious controversy previously, except for Taeyang.

Daesung had been involved in controversy over the death of a motorcyclist that was involved in a car accident with him back in 2011.

He had hit a motorcyclist that was lying on the street from an earlier accident and later crashed into a taxi in front of him. The motorcyclist died shortly after.

He was eventually acquitted from the charges by the prosecutor’s office who cited there were no enough evidence to prove the victim was alive at the time of Daesung’s contact with him.

Gdragon was involved in many controversies, notably the marijuana incident in May of 2011 as well. He had took a puff of a cigarette from someone he didn’t know at a party in Japan.

He had test positive for marijuana, it eventually resulted in an indictment, however, he was not charged because it was his first recorded offence with a minuscule amount of the drug.

A similar case of T.O.P with marijuana that is still fresh in the memory of netizens. It all happened when he was serving the military. He pled guilty for smoking marijuana two times out of the four instances; he received two years of probation, with an additional 10 months in prison.

Seungri is the most recent case that is still ongoing, he’s embroiled in controversy over “Burning Sun” Club which has been accused of multiple serious charges, and recently a report by SBS FunE released alleged Kakako messages that Seungri offered prostitution services to investors.

Netizens are extremely displeased with Seungri and the rest of BIGBANG members (aside from Taeyang). Many commented on how each BIGBANG was involved in controversies at least once.

This is why many Korean VIPs flooded Taeyang’s instagram account and left comments asking him to leave BIGBANG as the only good seed left.

This is a rare happening, usually, fans request the bad/troublesome idol to leave his/her group but since some netizens and Korean VIPs believe Taeyang to be the only good soul left in the group, they sent him messages asking him to leave BIGBANG and YG Entertainment.

Some of netizens comments were,

“can’t you leave BIGBANG?”

“Don’t let me down,”

“you’re the only one we can trust,”

“seriously, there is only Taeyang.”

International VIPs, on the other hand, have conflicting opinions. Some want the group to stay as five, while some others talked about being extremely disappointed with Seungri’s involvement in the recent controversies and argued her should leave, there are also many international VIPs who showed their unwavering support to Seungri despite the heavy criticism from netizens.

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