Korean Super Junior Fans Announce Boycott Of The Entire Group Until Kangin And Sungmin Leave

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Korean ELF are taking a strong stance!

On June 3, Label SJ announced that the group would be making a comeback with the exception of Kangin and Sungmin. However, the label didn’t clarify the two were kicked out of the group, they remain a part of Super Junior and that didn’t sit well with Korean ELF.

In response, fans have released an official statement announcing the boycott of the entire group until Kangin and Sungmin get kicked out. They stated,

“We demand Kangin and Sungmin departure.”


They explain both members damaged the group’s image and that their departure should not be delayed any longer, the fans state that stronger action will be taken, thus announcing an indefinite boycott of all the members’ activities until they both leave the group.

The fans plan on not following the members’ social media accounts, and not participate in hashtags on twitter, not leave comments online, not stream on music sites, not watch any shows that have the members in them, not buy albums, or attending events or recordings, or buy any goods.


Kangin had been on hiatus ever since his second DUI. He upset the fans with his reckless drinking and thus fans want him out. While Sungmin’s controversial marriage left a bad taste and fans want him out.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

This isn’t the first time I cover a story about ELF boycott but it’s the strongest and most damaging so far. They’re threatening not to buy albums and goods which is a direct source of income for Super Junior and SM and probably what makes them and the agency good money.

I personally have a couple of theories as to why they both never left and the most logical one that comes to mind is that’s the remaining members have a strong bond and refused to let go. I believe that if SUJU were a younger group, Kangin and Sungmin would’ve probably left already.

I have seen Leeteuk talks about dreaming of making a full OT11 comeback. It’s sad that his wish will probably never be fulfilled.

I understand why they want Kangin out. Personally speaking, I don’t support people who endanger others’ lives. The second DUI, he hit streetlight in front of a convenience store, imagine if that was a human and don’t give me the excuse of ‘well, he didn’t!’

The sheer thought of knowing you have an issue and still going out and drinking then getting into such an accident (TWICE) shows me you are not taking responsibility. If you’re hurting, others don’t need to suffer along with you. It might seem harsh but there is no need for a serious accident to happen to realize you’ve got a problem.

I still don’t understand why they want Sungmin out. I read a couple of comments and some Korean ELF say that he got married while the members were on tour and then immediately enlisted. To me, it seems that he was so in love and wanted to get married and instead of handling it straight on he chose to run away and not face fans properly (correct me if I am wrong).

Despite saying those things, I still don’t understand why the boycott is happening. I understand why they want Kangin out but don’t understand why they want to boycott when he’s not even in the comeback.

If you don’t like the way Label SJ runs things, then just un-stan, it’s simple. Don’t try to force things like that. Those reasons might be enough in their eyes to boycott the members but there is no need to drag others into it.

This got me thinking, imagine if ELFs were YG stans, man YG would’ve changed their ways long ago if their fans were this controlling and demanding.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. I know that this has nothing to do with the article, but I love your website. You provide unbias information filled by your opinion last, and I really enjoy that type of reporting. I wish you continued success!

  2. +1. What I cannot comprehend the petition states Super Junior Fans. Is it just K-ELF or WW ? Cos I’ve been supporting SUJU since day 1 w my entire CPA girls from SG JPN UK NC. We understand the aftermath of DUI and Sungmin issues. Can’t those so call Fan’s move on and give K and S a second chance ? ELF should be united as one! *forgive my ranting, I am just frustrated haha*

  3. As an international ELF I completely understand where you are coming from and I completely agree. Well said and I hope this issue can get resolve quickly.

  4. I enjoyed the article, being from the US and non Asian I dont understand some Korean fans strong disagreement and Boycotting over every little thing. I have been disappointed in some of the US bands and members, but never went and Boycotted the group in a whole. I say not support the one member, but not a whole group, Because their are other ELF’s who dont feel the same way and dont their feelings matter as well? With that being said, I respect the members decision to not include them, but wished it was the left up to the group and not pushed by the ELF’s, being a ELF myself I am disappointed in that. I am not trying to offend anyone its just my oppion.

  5. Is the international community large enough to keep them afloat? Like if the K-ELF decide to boycott can we the I-ELF keep them going with our support and money?

  6. I don’t get K-ELF. Seriously, SJ are hunans. They are entertainers not personal property. It’s a job for them, at the end of the day they are just like the rest of us. They fall in love, they love their families, they make mistakes, they feel bad, sad, happy, joy. Damn! Let them live and be able to make a living. I love and adore SuJu, the last thing as a TRUE fan I would ever want to do is hurt them. The Korean fandom is toxic and needs to reexamine itself. No one on this planet is perfect, we all make mistakes, get over it. Sungmin being punished for being in love and getting married without ELF permission is ridiculous and disgusting. I know Kangin was wrong DWI, but how long does he need to be crucified? This is absolutely disturbing and uncalled for. Stay strong SuJu, your international ELF will always support you ❤❤

  7. At this point, most SJ fans should be too old to be this silly and controlling! These are people who are, for the most part, should be in their mid-thirties, and older. When are they going to stop acting like teenaged girls and get adult lives of their own?

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  9. I couldn’t agree more with this article! I don’t think these people are true fans if they’re out here botcotting the group over members who aren’t even going to be in the comeback. although what kangin did was awful and he was partially involved in the seungri scandal, I don’t think that what he did warrants expulsion from the group. maybe if he had been in the molka chat, but he wasn’t. and sungmin? no one deserves to be banished over love, and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional and needs to step back and think about things for a long while. of these fans really want to abandon super junior over these minor things, then good for them. we don’t want them here if they’re going to act like this and we’ll just stream the music and buy the albums and vote for the group extra hard to make up for their absence.

  10. I agree with everything here except the idea that this is going to be effective. I don’t think SME’s response to this is going to be favorable. I’m a long time SONE so I know very well how SME disdains fans. The scenario I fear here is that they will say “oh, fan boycott? I guess we don’t need to spend the money to promote super junior, group cancelled” and end up hurting all of suju in the end.

    It’s been over a decade since I really considered myself ELF but I still just think, surely that’s not the ending fans want? Don’t they think (wrongly) that they’re protecting suju?

    Sigh. I thought after 10+ years, the genius fan club that came up with black ocean would have gotten smarter.

  11. Too bad SUJU couldn’t boycott their Kfans. Imagine the Korean fans not being allowed to buy their albums, follow their social accounts or go to concerts…and then telling their fandom that they no longer want to follow them because they fell in love and got married or made some bad life choices! I bet lots of Kfans would be seriously mad! I love SUJU. My bias is Heechul. ♥️

  12. I don’t know but these K-Elfs are so low. How can they call themselves as fans when they’re acting like this? Just like Heechul said that those who can’t accept all the members are not ELFs at all. They’re just too demanding, it’s disappointing.

  13. I’ve been a fan since about 2007 and found Suju by accident after working on a project in Korea. I fell in love with the culture and learned some Korean.

    I’m still not sure if average Koreans care as much about any idol as much as some KELF are claiming. This controversy shows why our group needs to expand the fanbase inside Korea.

    Kangin and Heechul kept the group alive for a long time on varieties and the radio etc. when other members were too shy or inexperienced. He was a baby himself back then. I’ll always appreciate him.

    SM took advantage of our kids and overworked them IMO. It would be unfair and ungrateful to kick anyone out. Kangin’s needs rehab and I’d frankly be Okay if they all stopped or cut down the drinking.

    There are Korean ELF who support all 11 members. ELF in the Americas, SEA and Arab countries…most support all members. My hope is happy, healthy and successful SUJU and ELF for the next 100 years.

    The group SJ fan union(?) in the future should ask all fans for their opinion before publishing statements. We can use the Lysn community and vote or something. PINK MAGIC FIGHTING 🙂 !

  14. Every time I read Army or Fan base dictating how band boys should live their lives like hair style, dating and can’t marry to me its communistic actions, since when did it become any ones right to tell people how they can live that’s taking away Freedom of Choice. Their personal life outside entertainment is their private business and if mistakes are made we all know we will answer for them. The demands made on these KPOP groups are way overboard and inhuman that’s why so many become depressed and commit suicide and the demands of controlling their lives in every aspect are the ones causing their demise, Shame on All of You who think they are your personal property and may you find help for you defently are not well!

  15. Have a life pleeaaaseeee! I have been an elf since their don’t don. At 1st elf came as the rescue to save those 13+2, forever. But now, elf broke their own promise to SUJU themself. As an elf, i am so angry. Where are those elf who stood infront of SM building years back to protect SUJU then bought SM shares? How could you turn this beautiful fandom at 1st and turn it into an evilish fandom?!!!

  16. Stupid forcing someone to leave when they find love but that is ELFS all over really a very toxic fandom …The drinking however he needs to concentrate on getting help abandoning him when hes in need of suport is so friggen cruel but i dont think he should be with the group put him in rehab SM has the money to help him they NEED to take better care of their artists

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