Korean Media Outlets Report All The BTS Members Will Enlist This Year In The Military To Minimize The Hiatus Period

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Group BTS heralded a brilliant second act with the recent celebration of their 10th debut anniversary and recent reports have piqued fans’ interest.

BTS celebrated their 10th debut anniversary. Since their debut with “2 Cool 4 Skool” on June 13, 2013, they have set unprecedented records in South Korea, becoming the first, best, and most accomplished world stars. Firmly standing as global superstars filled with hope and positive energy, they declared the opening of an uplifting second act.

According to insiders, after fulfilling their scheduled activities such as Suga’s world tour and Jungkook’s solo activities in the first half of the year, BTS plans to complete the military enlistment of all members, including V and Jungkook, by the end of this year. Although V and Jungkook are still at an age where they can delay their enlistment, they decided to align the timing of their enlistment to minimize the hiatus as a complete group and to meet the fans as soon as possible, according to reports.

Expectations are high for what the next 10 years, another chapter in BTS’s journey, will bring.

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