Korean Comedian Song In Hwa Comes Out As Lesbian

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Korean Comedian Song In Hwa has come out as a lesbian and revealed she is dating.

According to an interview with TENASIA on August 5, the comedian has revealed she’s currently in a relationship with a woman. Song In Hwa said,

“I hope people don’t look at homosexuality only in an erotic way.

How I feel about my girlfriend is a feeling of affection and love, just like all other couples.”

Song In Hwa also revealed that she’s planning on opening a new YouTube channel with her girlfriend.

Song In Hwa used to be an actress, she debuted in 2005 in a film but has since changed her occupation into a comedian in 2013, she appeared in KBS’s “Gag Concert.”

K-netizens are sharing mixed reactions to the news with some bringing up her past marijuana sentence to light again and calling her terrible names such as ‘a druggie’. Korean news outlets are also linking her coming out story to her past drug scandal.

Song In Hwa has previously been embroiled in controversy as she was sentenced to 6 months in jail suspended for two years back in December of 2013.

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