Kim Yuna’s Agency To Take Legal Actions Against False Rumors About Her And Husband Ko Woo Rim

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Figure Skating Champion Kim Yuna’s agency has officially stated that they will take legal steps against circulators of fake rumors about the famous couple Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim.

On February 16, Kim Yuna’s management company All That Sports announced that they will delete and block absurd fake news about Kim Yuna and her husband through SNS and take all possible civil and criminal legal measures against the ones circulating it.

Check out full statement of All That Sports’ CEO Koo Dong Hoe below:

“Fake news related to Kim Yuna and her husband has been continuously uploaded and distributed through YouTube. As Kim Yuna’s agency, we will take stern legal action against fake news YouTubers and spreaders.

Fake news is spreading like poison mushrooms about sports stars as well as entertainers under the disguise of freedom of expression, but this is not freedom, but a crime and a social evil.

If fake news continues to be mass-produced, the victims can be not only celebrities in our society but also all ordinary members of society.

It is an issue that all of us should report it so that fake news can be eradicated, and ultimately, we need to come up with institutional measures that are pan-social.”

Meanwhile, various fake news were posted on YouTube, including Kim Yuna and Ko Woo Rim’s divorce rumor and pregnancy rumor. The news says the two are separated and will divorce soon.

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