Kim Woo Bin’s Upcoming Netflix Drama “Black Knight” Unveils First Official Teaser Poster

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The first teaser poster for Netflix’s new drama “Black Knight” starring Kim Woo Bin has been released.

Netflix’s “Black Knight” is based on a webtoon of the same name and takes place in 2071 where pollution has become so severe, people can’t survive without respirators. It will tell the story of a legendary delivery knight 5-8, who has extraordinary fighting skills and meets a refugee named Sa Wol who dreams of becoming a delivery knight because it’s their only hope. Because of the worsening conditions, delivery knights play an important role in Korea’s survival.

The first teaser poster released shows the world view of the “Black Knight” covered in sand at a glance. In the devastated land without a single pool in the background of a collapsed skyscraper, there is an ownerless respirator, and a person believed to be a delivery knight approaches with a box in front of a large truck, raising questions about what will happen in an extreme situation where necessary items can be delivered only by delivery knight.

The “Black Knight” will be released on Netflix in the second quarter of this year.

Are you excited for this drama?

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