Super Junior Sungmin’s Wife Kim Sa Eun Shockingly Receives Zero Votes On “Miss Trot 2” Despite Electrifying Performance With Her Husband

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Super Junior Sungmin’s Wife Kim Sa Eun lost by a landslide on the most recent episode of “Miss Trot 2.”

Super Junior’s Sungmin’s wife is participating in his survival show. Kim Sa Eun has shown her skills on the show, and in this week’s episode the singers match up against each other on 1:1 competition. For her solo stage, she surprised everyone by performing with her husband Sungmin. Their electrifying performance ended with a kiss. The judges and the panel were shocked to say the least.

Despite her best efforts, the judges appear to have not liked it at all, as she received a total of zero votes on the show. Both Kim Sa Eun and Sungmin couldn’t help but feel sad seeing the results.

The results of the voting took online communities by storm, with some cheering on the happy couple while others criticizing them for publicly showing their affection.

You can check out her performance below:

What did you think of the performance? and do you think she should’ve gotten zero votes?

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  1. I guess if they were not married and had kissed, they all would have voted. It was so obvious that all of the judges enjoyed their performance so for them to penalize them for a kiss that was part of a routine is just HYPOCRITICAL and WRONG! Shame on the judges!

  2. How did you know that they were penalized because they kissed. It could just be that they personally liked the performance of the other contestant. You guys think everything revolves around SM and SE.

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