Kim Hyun Jae Accused Of School Violence, JTBC’s “Peak Time” Issues Statement Addressing The Situation

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JTBC’s program “Peak Time” has sparked controversy over one of its participant being involved in school violence.

On March 6, on the online bulletin board, a post saying, “I making this public even if it’s late. I’ll tell you in advance that I’m likely to write some rambling. I’m an elementary and middle school alumnus of B, who worked as a member of group A.”

C, who posted this article, posted a school graduation album at the time to add credibility to their claims.

C wrote explaining in detail why they wanted this to be made public,

From the first day I transferred to the day I graduated from middle school, I remember everything and it’s painful. It’s been a long time since I’ve grown up as an adult, but I still have so many memories that bother me like they’re going through my head.
Even from the first to the third grade of middle school, these memories reminded me of ending my life on my own.

There were days when I couldn’t wash up one day a week or two days at most due to difficult family circumstances at the time, then B said to me, ‘Oh, I smell XX because I XXX came.’

After this time, I couldn’t hold on and reported it as school violence, but due to the nature of the countryside, my parents and B’s parents knew each other, so it ended in a way that children could do that.

In the meantime, B made up a lie and said the same thing, ‘You also slapped with XX’s slippers.’  Until he was working as B, I wanted to endure it and give him one last chance, but all kinds of anxiety have recurred in the current situation when he started to reappear after his group activities have been reduced.

When he shows up again, I feel anxiety symptoms appear and uncomfortable feelings and I feel like throwing up, and I try to write this after taking courage this way.
Please, please help me in order for him to pay the price.”

On March 9, the show issued a statement to address the situation, they wrote,

First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our viewers who love and support “Peak Time.”
In addition, we would like to address the allegations of school violence that have been raised against Kim Hyun-jae. We believe it is our duty to inform our viewers of what we have learned so far.
Firstly, our production team has no intention of condoning school violence, and we are carefully investigating the facts to ensure that no one becomes a victim of unjust accusations. Therefore, it may take some time to reach a conclusion.
Currently, both sides have conflicting claims, and our production team is unable to make a clear conclusion based solely on the memories and claims of each side. Therefore, we are making our best effort to verify the facts by interviewing Kim Hyun-jae’s middle school homeroom teacher, subject teachers, acquaintances, and local police officers who were present at the time.

Meanwhile, “Peak Time” continues to be a hot topic as it went viral among global viewers.

JTBC’s “PEAK TIME” is being broadcast simultaneously around the world through global platform TikTok. In addition, it is released on various global platforms such as Netflix, Japan’s TV Asahi, and Rakuten ViKi, and continues to attract many viewers.

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