BREAKING: Kim Garam’s Contract With Source Music Terminated +To Leave LE SSERAFIM, What Did The Agency Say?

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Kim Garam has been one of the most-talked-about kpop idols this year for her bullying scandal that escalated out of control despite all the attempts by HYBE and Source Music to control the situation.

Despite the fact that HYBE has continuously stated they will be taking legal action against rumors and slander and have been in the process of doing so since April.

On July 20, Source Music released an official statement stating their contract with Kim Garam has been terminated and that she has left LE SSERAFIM. The statement is very short and only provides the news of the departure of Kim Garam, it does not go into details about how they came to the decision or whether its because the bullying accusations turned out to be true or not. This struck fans as odd considering the efforts the agency went through to continuously claim Kim Garam was a victim in this situation.

This included HYBE releasing a detailed report of what they claim to have happened in the case of LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam bullying controversy. Assuring fans they’re also continuously taking legal action against all the alleged victims who have come out with accusations against her.

Their statement was also a response to the statement released by the law firm of the alleged victim Yoo Eun-seo [not her real name]. HYBE stuck to their guns and said Kim Garam is the victim and innocent of all of this. Despite that, many were not happy with their statements. Kim Garam was put on hiatus to ‘heal’ for some time now and was expected to return to the group.

There were even reports that HYBE had met with the alleged victim recently to resolve the issue. HYBE and Source Music actions and handling of the situation have been put on blast by the general public.

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